Friday, 9 February 2018


On Friday the students began their learning about friendships. They chose one of their friends and sat down an created a picture that they thought represented friendship. This is the beginning of our second inquiry for the term.

Our Place

This week we have started our learning about where we belong and where we have come from. The students helped to create the different countries they are from, by placing green tissue paper to represent the land. We then used wool to connect the different countries to New Zealand to show that we are all connected. This has helped to form one of our inquiries this term.

Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018!
Wow what a great first couple of weeks we've had. This week the students have been settling in and getting to know each other. We have been exploring our ARISE values and what they would look like in the classroom. Here are some pictures of the students creating their ARISE value pictures.

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Friday, 27 October 2017


Term 4 is Hat Term! So remember to wear your hats so that you can go and play outside in the sun!

Niuean Week

This week it was Niuean Language week. The students created some flower artwork focusing on making their drawings as large as the paper. They shared this learning in our Studio 1 & 2 Assembly.

As a treat Mrs Flemmings and Whaea Marie shared how to do coconut scraping with the whole school. Thank you Mrs Flemmings and Whaea Marie!

Weetbix Presentation

During our Assembly on Friday we had two ladies come and visit us from the Weetbix Tryathlon team. They showed us the promo video as well as discussed what the students needed to do to apply 2018. Thank you ladies for coming to visit us.

Diwali Week Learning

During the first week back at school we celebrated Diwali week. For our sharing at the assembly on Friday the students showed their Rangoli patterns that they coloured in and displayed on a banner as well as danced 'Indian Moonlight' from GoNoodle.

Holiday Contracts

As the students reward for bringing back their reading, writing and maths holiday contracts, the students chose to make slime. They made it on Friday where they mixed all of the ingredients together with a spoon. We learnt through trail and error that we still need practice to make the slime like the stuff you buy in shops.

  • 21 students brought back their reading and writing contracts (out of 41)
  • 19 students brought back their maths contracts (out of 41)

Lets see if in the next holidays we can increase this number.